The work is so fun here — I never want to leave!

The work is just so fun here! I never want to leave! We’re teaching a nine year old named Jayden who wants to be baptized. We’re working to get her family more active and fellowshipped into the ward so that they can all be united. We met another great family we started teaching. The husband Ray is the only non-member and he’s considering changing that. We’ll be meeting again tonight -another less active family we need to get fellowshipped so they can get more active. Fellowshipping is so huge. If your not aware of that, usually the only people who really befriend newer people in wards seem to be the ones who come to their lessons, so don’t be afraid to help the missionaries! Those families need social conversion just as badly as spiritual conversion. You guys seem to be pretty on-top of things in Barton Creek Ward though! I’m not worried. Then there’s a man named Bob the pastor, who’s been attending our Ward regularly. He’s been begging people to tell him how to be baptized in our church. He’s a more “mature” individual so he’s been fighting having to meet with the young missionaries the whole way, but he’s finally submitting. We’ll be meeting with him some time this week. He bore his testimony in Sacrament Meeting that he believes that this is the true church. That sounds good to me, so we’ll see how this goes! The Ward is truly excited. We’ve got amazing opportunity awaiting. I’m praying I get to stay here for the long haul! It’s been a lot of work, but this train’s picking up steam quick. We’ve been visiting a lot of less active members inviting to come back, because the Ward needs their help right now. We’re getting people on-board! I’m so grateful to be here, yet so devastated that I’m running out of time. Here goes nothing! I need your prayers! Love you!!!!

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