Another miraculous week!

Another miraculous week has gone by! Everything is going really well. The lessons are continuing with Bob, Jayden, Ray, and the McGhees. Bob eats everything up we share with him. A few things are definitely new to him, but he’s very submissive to accept it without complaint. He’s setting his sights on the temple. So a quick update- we pushed back the baptisms for both Jayden and Bob to the 5th of July. Ray and Jennifer really enjoyed church, but have taken a step back since then. We’ll be trying to help them get back to church again. The McGhee’s are a really great family we’ve been teaching. Both the mom and dad are pastors at another church, but very non-confrontational when it comes to sharing beliefs. Mrs. McGhee is planning on reading the Book of Mormon in the next five weeks. She’s gone through 1st Nephi, and she wants to hear all the discussions. She’s had lots of Mormon friends in her life and never learned much about what they believed, so she’s diving in without taking caution! She’s still at the stage of pure curiosity though. Last but not least, we had a pretty neat miracle happen a few days ago. Paul, a former investigator who had gone pretty cold to us, recently had a tragic thing happen in his life. Though it’s a sad thing, his heart was softened. A member friend of his stopped by at his moment of need and called us over to give him a blessing. We came and administered. Tears streamed down his face. He told us “Thank you. I needed that.” Then we felt impressed to tell him there are things he needs to change in his life to feel God’s love more. He agreed and said, “I’m working on it”. We asked to help, so now we’ll be teaching him again. He’s a slow learner, but he’s catching on. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the remedy to all sadness and heartbreak. His love is endless. We can access that love as we listen to Him. I’ve seen it once again. I love you! -Elder Call

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