Newport News!

Hey hey hey family and friends! Thanks for all your emails and support! Here’s the report for this week from the rockin’ town of NEWPORT WASHINGTON!!! The population of this town grew three times this week and the sun is still heating up. This week we’ll be expecting temperatures reaching a record breaking 100 degrees! Not too bad compared to Austin. Jaden’s baptism was amazing last night! Her primary teachers came up to us at church yesterday nearly in tears. They said that when they talked about the Joseph Smith story in class Jaden kept raising her hand and recounting nearly the whole story. For a nine year old she’s very spiritually ahead. Her mom told us she’s been anxiously waiting to be baptized for three years. The spirit was powerful and present at the service. A really good amount of the congregation came to witness and feel it. Bob’s still eagerly waiting for his baptism. We had a little situation happen this week (not even a worthiness reason) that made it so we had to move it again. Happens. Everyone kept poking him at the baptism saying, “You’re next!” On the fourth of July we got to have dinner with the Morales family. We aren’t seeing too much progress there yet, so we’ll probably give them some space. That night we went on exchanges with the Priest River elders so Elder White got to watch fireworks out the little cracked window in their third story apartment. Kinda fun! It’s been a great week! I hope you’ve had a great 4th of July. Keep the faith!!! -Love, Elder Call

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One thought on “Newport News!

  1. Donna Royce

    Elder Call, You may reach 100 % in WA before we do here in Austin. We made it to 98% several times but never went to the BIG 3 DIGITS. With all our rain May and June everything is so green and pretty…different from our usual Spring, early Summer. It’s such a wonderful change for us all.

    Sounds like you are keeping busy. Everyone here is coming and going. Such a busy time for the YM/YW with Camps, EFY and family vacations. The BC Ward keeps growing and changing. HUGH Primary sang for Father’s Day Sacrament. They were wall to wall in the choir area…..such a great site since before we split two years ago, there were probably less than 40. All those shining, smiling little faces……..

    Your Dad and Uncle Roger rescued a calf yesterday on the neighbor’s pasture. Some how he had gotten his leg twisted in a wire of some sort and couldn’t get free. When they first saw him they thought he was dead. He rallied a bit when he heard them coming. They managed to untangle the wire and rub his leg. Uncle Roger said it was so swollen that at first they couldn’t see the wire. Anyway, they checked on him this morning and he was up but limping a bit. Such good Boy Scouts. lol

    You remember Darren and McKinley’s twins – Katie and Brandon. They are being baptized on Sept. 6th in San Clemente, CA. It’s hard to believe they are 8 yrs old. Have grown up so quickly. They are both excited and looking forward to Nana and Papa coming down for this special occasion.

    Take care, know that we think of you often and always keep you in our prayers.

    Our love,
    Aunt Donna and Uncle Roger

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