Bob was baptized!

Two days ago sitting in sacrament meeting I was sitting there listening to a really riveting talk. It was by a return missionary from Brazil. It was hilarious. He could hardly remember English, but the talke was pretty powerful! Then it dawned on me. 10 Sundays from now I’ll be the one at the pulpit. Gulp! We are not slowing down any time soon. Full speed ahead!
We did some good work this week, had a fantastic leadership training on Thursday, and finally the baptism Saturday.
Bob’s baptism was wonderful. It happened right at the pinnacle of some personal trials for my companion and I. Everyone has a bump in the road every now and then. It was getting ugly, and right during the baptism something happened that changed everything. We were presenting the video “Because of Him”. Just as He always is, Christ was the answer. That which was out of line, shifted back into place just like that. Moments later we stood up and bore stronger testimony then ever of his reality, his divinity, and his power to lead us out of captivity to Heaven’s embrace. Since then there have been tidal changes, and things will continue to get better. Bob was happy as a clam to finally get to be baptized and confirmed.
Today I’m emailing from Spokane! We went to the temple today, probably the last time on my mission. It was a needed refreshing experience. I received instruction and guidance that will be put to good use. We’re looking forward to many more good experiences. If your wondering what we have planned, this week here it is. We’re going to find. We’re going to teach. We’re going to baptize.
Thanks again for all your prayers, support, and love!
Elder Call

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