Another baptism next month and …manna from heaven.

I’m so excited to hear about Katie’s mission call! That is unreal! So happy for her, though I’m going to miss her like crazy! The mission is going well. We had some decent miracles this week! We’ve been investigator finding machines lately. We found a lady named Sherry who needs a lot of help in her yard . Plus she’s a widow of a few years and struggles with depression. She’s seemed excited to hear more about Jesus Christ. Jayden’s dad Jamie is on-date for baptism August 30th! We’re excited for him. Before he didn’t seem very interested, but he’s making it a priority now. After leaving his house we noticed someone across the highway we needed to talk to. She told us that every time she starts praying again we show up. She’s also been meaning to go to the family history center and something always seems to get in the way of her going. She’s not in our area so we’re passing off a referral, but that was cool. David, the less active member who came to church last week is doing really well. He’s recommitted to paying tithing! What a neat guy. Bob went to the temple this week! He about died and went to heaven. He told us he had some pretty neat experiences while he was there. Others told us he was so happy he could have practically floated home after the baptisms.  Then on Saturday we got a call from a 21 year old guy named Jacob who said he wanted to go to church. He was baptized a few years ago but has been totally off the radar for a long time now! We’re pretty excited to work with him too. Last but not least, near the end of the month we’ve been running low on funds so our meals have been reduced to ramen etc. Then out of the blue like manna from heaven, Brother Weber decided to give us the left over subway meat, bread, and chips from the youth temple trip. Yahoo! Heavenly Father loves us! It’s great to be out here. I know this work is of God. He knows us and loves us. He wants to guide us. All we have to do is listen. See you soon!  Love, Elder Call

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