Biggest storm ever in Newport! Tri-panionship for a week.

Holy cow!!! That was seriously one of the greatest packages I’ve ever got on my mission! The cake and lacies were in fantastic condition! I haven’t had those lacie cookies in forever! Soooo good! I wasn’t expecting that at all. Just so ya know it made my day. I also found the best part rolled up in the bottom. You know what I’m talking about! Man oh man! That’s ridiculous Dad! I love you! Thank you! In addition to getting the best package in the world, some members gave us a couple gallons of the best milk in the world -real milk with like three inches of cream on the top! It’s so good! I’ve never had anything like it. I’m planning on breaking up some of that cake and drenching it in it. So luckily I still have one more week to prepare and get stressed about transfers, so I’m in good shape! I really think I’m going to stay for the last couple weeks. I have no idea if my companion will or not. We’ll see! I’m always surprised without fail. One small change that’s happened this week is we are becoming a tripanionship, temporarily. We’re getting a mini-missionary! His name is Cole. We’ll meet him later today. He’s going to tag along until next Sunday. He’s in for a ride! So on Saturday I’m pretty sure we experienced the greatest storm Newport’s ever seen. During the 60 mph winds trees were coming down everywhere, metal roofs ripped right off, cars were smashed, roads were blocked, and apparently in Riverside down the highway there was a forest fire on both sides of the road. A trailer park that got hit by another wind storm last week and had already half of the trailers smashed lost the other half of them Saturday. No joke! We went out in our service clothes looking for people to help. Most everybody in Newport had things under control so we didn’t really get the chance to get dirty. There’s places all over that won’t have power or running water for at least a couple more days. Nobody I’ve talked to has ever seen anything like it in Newport. In other news I’m totally not getting trunky! Don’t worry about me. If anything I’m intimidated about coming home! The work is going so well here. We’re moving the work forward, focusing on the finding the lost in the ward. There’s a bunch of people who haven’t been home taught in over 9 months that we’ve been out looking for. We’ve been doing splits with ward members to cover more ground. David, one of the results from the search is going to be meeting with Bishop this Tuesday! We’re glad. Ashley is starting the new member discussions finally. Jamie is still progressing! He may have missed church yesterday, but he’s still as committed as ever to reach his baptism date.We had a cool moment with him at the end of a lesson a few days ago. We asked if we could kneel and offer a prayer. We asked him to offer it and before he could say no we ducked our heads and waited. When he was done praying he had tears in his eyes. The Spirit is behind this work. It’s true. It’s making a massive impact on people’s lives all over the world. It unites families. It brings lasting peace. The Savior is real. I know he lives. This is the message we share! Just because my mission will end, doesn’t mean I ever have to stop sharing it. I love you! Have a great week! -Love, Elder Call

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One thought on “Biggest storm ever in Newport! Tri-panionship for a week.

  1. Donna Royce

    Elder Call, Uncle Roger and I are always so happy to read your Mission Blog. You’ve had so many beautiful experiences and have been so kind to share them with everyone. Your experiences have helped to make a difference in our own lives to hear how the Holy Ghost is working to help spread His work. You are a wonderful missionary as we knew you would be and we know the time is getting short until you return home. The past two years will make such a difference in the choices you make the rest of your life. Looking forward to a big hug.

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