Baptism in Pullman and more progress in Newport!

The clock’s ticking. It’s showtime. The road may be bumpier than ever but it’s no excuse. There’s no turning back. I’m gonna work this Ward ’til I can’t work any more! Lots of great things are always happening. David met with the Bishop Tuesday -a huge step. We’re continuing to work with him. We found a guy named James who’s the son of some members here that’s super interested in the church. He’s been attending off and on for years and just never made the commitment. The first visit we had with him out of the blue he said, “I really need to get baptized.” We were like, “We can help with that!” We’re praying it works out, because there’s a few things that could hold him back. The only bad news this week is that Jayden’s dad kind of fell off the wagon. He hasn’t been keeping his appointments and told us he’s not ready to be baptized. With his probation it turns out anyway that he needs to wait quite a while before he could anyway. We told him we’d still like to meet with him, and he told us he had a project in the yard we can help with, so the door is still open. We’re trying to pull off three member splits a week so we can cover more ground. Bob got two callings! The first is official greeter. He beamed passing out programs at the door. He absolutely loved it. You’ve never seen a happier guy. The second calling is gospel principles class president. Another thing about Bob is that he used to be on a motorized scooter with an oxygen tank. Since he’s joined the church he’s walking around almost everywhere, and I haven’t seen him with the oxygen for more than a month. The last great thing to report is that Jennifer in Pullman got baptized! I’m so excited for her. That’s everything for this week! Keep praying for us! -Love, Elder Call

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