Preparing for “Invite a Friend to Church Day”!

Good morning family! I’m doing well in Newport! For some reason, the work hasn’t gotten much easier. The Lord wants me to get the most out of these last few weeks! Plenty of lessons to be learned. Such is life! My testimony is becoming ever stronger, my awareness of my own need for growth more obvious, and it just goes to show that maybe going on a mission doesn’t guarantee figuring out life by the end of it, which really is good news, since otherwise life afterwards would get pretty boring. I know with all my heart that  the Lord is pleased with my efforts. I’m human, and I just have to keep trying! We still have a bunch of exciting things coming up! In three weeks, the last Sunday, mission wide we’re holding the best sacrament meetings of all time! It’s called, “Invite a Friend to Church Day”! Then the week of we’ll be hosting mutual for the youth and having them bring all of their friends on a mass church tour. Elder Waite’s found some pretty cool people doing that before, so it should be a hit! The youth are already getting excited for it. James is gone for two weeks so we won’t get to teach him very much for a while, but his dad (a less active) is still around, so we’re helping him read the Book of Mormon. David, another man who’s been less active in the church has finally started reading the scriptures again! Took a while, but he’s getting there!  Nathan and Jessica (a less active couple) are setting a goal to be sealed in the temple soon! Jessica was baptized almost a year ago and her missionaries have been bugging her about it. We found another member who’s been inactive that wants to take the discussions named Lynn. He’s a really good guy. He told us how he’s been feeling like he needs to bare his testimony in church. We found a nice man who goes by “Coach Wees”. He’s got a family of five kids and is open to learning. Things are happening here! It’s all going by well. There was a sister missionary that just returned to one of the families here in Newport not too long ago so she gave her homecoming talk this week and had a big presentation on her mission to Moscow Russia. She knew Elder Stebbing and her mission president served in our mission presidency when I first came out. Small world! We went to the open house after church and talked to all their non-member friends – a great door opener! It’s pretty weird to see this all coming to a close. Now I’m seeing what it looks like when a missionary comes home so it’s good preparation I guess. I’m still trying to get trunky. It’s going to be hard to leave this all behind. That’s good news that Katie and I get to speak together. Maybe we can do some kind of musical number. That’ll be an emotional day! Holy smokes! Thanks for all your letters, emails, packages, and support. You really mean the world to me. I can’t wait to see you. Love, Elder Call

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