Two weeks left — shared my testimony with the Ward for the last time. :(

I can hardly believe this time has come. Two weeks left. Ugh! I have a hard time wanting to leave this place, but I’ll have to! This last week seemed to go by in a single breath. Things are wrapping up for an alright ending. Bob, my convert is driving me to the mission home. We’ll enjoy some great last few moments. I’m sending a box with some extra things home. Everything’s pointing to the inevitable. I’m coming home. I bore my testimony for the last time in Sacrament meeting yesterday. This has been a great little ward to serve in. It’s been a home away from home. I love the people. They are wonderful and down to earth. I’m going to miss them a ton. But I’ll snap out of it! I still have work to do! Two weeks is plenty of time! We’ll get work done! Here’s some updates though! Bob got his patriarchal blessing yesterday. His head was in the clouds again. Pure bliss. We took him teaching with us again too this week. He just sparkled. I’m learning so many lessons the last part of the mission. I’m learning a lot about myself more than anything else, how Christ operates, and how we should handle life like He did. Learning can be painful though. I’m paying the price for it in some ways. It’s never anything compared to what He did for all of us. It’s a small cost for me to pay. I know my Savior lives. He’s there with me when I struggle. He brings peace to my soul. He is the light in the darkness. I’m forever grateful for his great atonement. I can’t wait to see you all! -Love, Elder Call

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