Taught 34 lessons this week! :)

The mission field is wonderful. This week we taught a total of 34 lessons! We have four new investigators to teach! We’ve got plenty of work going! We went to the temple on Tuesday which was amazing. Lately it’s been a stressful time to be honest, but things are so much better! David Thurber came to church. We walked up to greet him and talking to us he started crying. He said, “It feels like coming home.” He loved every minute of it and stayed all three hours. Bob’s had some complications since his baptism since we didn’t discover till late that he was in another Ward’s boundaries. The Bishop finally made the decision to let him receive the priesthood while he’s in our ward. We’re still waiting on their decision of if he gets to keep attending with us. When we got to tell him he could receive the priesthood on Sunday, he started crying on the phone he was so happy. On Sunday we stood in on his ordination to the office of priest. Hopefully we can get him on the Ward temple trip this Friday! Pray that we can! He says he wants to go more than anything in the world. It is such a blessing to be a missionary and be a part of this great work. The Lord Jesus Christ lives. This is His church. Thanks for all your prayers and support. -Love, Elder Call

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Bob was baptized!

Two days ago sitting in sacrament meeting I was sitting there listening to a really riveting talk. It was by a return missionary from Brazil. It was hilarious. He could hardly remember English, but the talke was pretty powerful! Then it dawned on me. 10 Sundays from now I’ll be the one at the pulpit. Gulp! We are not slowing down any time soon. Full speed ahead!
We did some good work this week, had a fantastic leadership training on Thursday, and finally the baptism Saturday.
Bob’s baptism was wonderful. It happened right at the pinnacle of some personal trials for my companion and I. Everyone has a bump in the road every now and then. It was getting ugly, and right during the baptism something happened that changed everything. We were presenting the video “Because of Him”. Just as He always is, Christ was the answer. That which was out of line, shifted back into place just like that. Moments later we stood up and bore stronger testimony then ever of his reality, his divinity, and his power to lead us out of captivity to Heaven’s embrace. Since then there have been tidal changes, and things will continue to get better. Bob was happy as a clam to finally get to be baptized and confirmed.
Today I’m emailing from Spokane! We went to the temple today, probably the last time on my mission. It was a needed refreshing experience. I received instruction and guidance that will be put to good use. We’re looking forward to many more good experiences. If your wondering what we have planned, this week here it is. We’re going to find. We’re going to teach. We’re going to baptize.
Thanks again for all your prayers, support, and love!
Elder Call

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Newport News!

Hey hey hey family and friends! Thanks for all your emails and support! Here’s the report for this week from the rockin’ town of NEWPORT WASHINGTON!!! The population of this town grew three times this week and the sun is still heating up. This week we’ll be expecting temperatures reaching a record breaking 100 degrees! Not too bad compared to Austin. Jaden’s baptism was amazing last night! Her primary teachers came up to us at church yesterday nearly in tears. They said that when they talked about the Joseph Smith story in class Jaden kept raising her hand and recounting nearly the whole story. For a nine year old she’s very spiritually ahead. Her mom told us she’s been anxiously waiting to be baptized for three years. The spirit was powerful and present at the service. A really good amount of the congregation came to witness and feel it. Bob’s still eagerly waiting for his baptism. We had a little situation happen this week (not even a worthiness reason) that made it so we had to move it again. Happens. Everyone kept poking him at the baptism saying, “You’re next!” On the fourth of July we got to have dinner with the Morales family. We aren’t seeing too much progress there yet, so we’ll probably give them some space. That night we went on exchanges with the Priest River elders so Elder White got to watch fireworks out the little cracked window in their third story apartment. Kinda fun! It’s been a great week! I hope you’ve had a great 4th of July. Keep the faith!!! -Love, Elder Call

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Another singing duo — we have a fan club!

We had another awesome week, and there’s good news! Both Elder Waite and I are sticking around! I need to tell you a little more about Elder Waite, or JBB. That stands for “Justin Bieber Baby”. He has the Justin Bieber effect. Wherever we go girls just stare at him and giggle. We sang in the Priest River Ward yesterday and apparently like 3 young women video recorded us. We have a fan club! He sings too! Punk. We have a lot of fun together so give it up for round 2! This week we have two baptisms planned, Saturday and Sunday. Bob’s will be Saturday at 6:00 and Jayden’s will be right after ward break the fast! Pray that we don’t drop the ball! It’s crunch time. We set some really high goals for this month that we can destroy! We’re thinking of putting ourselves in the 4th of July Parade if they have one. What do ya think? Things are staying busy, the weather is great -49 degrees this morning-, and lots of good is yet to come. Not too much other news. The Gospel is true! The book is Blue! -Love, Elder Call

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New photos of Elder Kenny Call

Elder Call singing on Washington State University CampusElder Call and his very young looking companion!Elder Call in dangerOne of Elder Call's favorite books!Just received his "trunky papers"

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Another miraculous week!

Another miraculous week has gone by! Everything is going really well. The lessons are continuing with Bob, Jayden, Ray, and the McGhees. Bob eats everything up we share with him. A few things are definitely new to him, but he’s very submissive to accept it without complaint. He’s setting his sights on the temple. So a quick update- we pushed back the baptisms for both Jayden and Bob to the 5th of July. Ray and Jennifer really enjoyed church, but have taken a step back since then. We’ll be trying to help them get back to church again. The McGhee’s are a really great family we’ve been teaching. Both the mom and dad are pastors at another church, but very non-confrontational when it comes to sharing beliefs. Mrs. McGhee is planning on reading the Book of Mormon in the next five weeks. She’s gone through 1st Nephi, and she wants to hear all the discussions. She’s had lots of Mormon friends in her life and never learned much about what they believed, so she’s diving in without taking caution! She’s still at the stage of pure curiosity though. Last but not least, we had a pretty neat miracle happen a few days ago. Paul, a former investigator who had gone pretty cold to us, recently had a tragic thing happen in his life. Though it’s a sad thing, his heart was softened. A member friend of his stopped by at his moment of need and called us over to give him a blessing. We came and administered. Tears streamed down his face. He told us “Thank you. I needed that.” Then we felt impressed to tell him there are things he needs to change in his life to feel God’s love more. He agreed and said, “I’m working on it”. We asked to help, so now we’ll be teaching him again. He’s a slow learner, but he’s catching on. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the remedy to all sadness and heartbreak. His love is endless. We can access that love as we listen to Him. I’ve seen it once again. I love you! -Elder Call

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Things keep getting better and better!

Things¬† just keep getting better and better! First, I get a package from my family! Wow! Those Hawaiian butter cookies are amazing! Thanks Mom! Don’t think I forgot about Dad’s contribution either! Thank you Dad. You are way to nice to me. This Sunday in Sacrament meeting while we sang “Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel”, I’ve never felt happier to do so. Putting your shoulder to the wheel pays off -if not in an obvious outward manifestation, it sure does change who you are inside. I’m feeling that in both senses. Next weekend on the 27th, preacher Bob will be baptized on his birthday, and on the 28th little Jayden will enter the waters of baptism. We’re feeling grateful. Bob turned his act around. The Spirit has been pounding him. He’s convinced that Joseph Smith really was a prophet and that the priesthood has truly been restored. We’ll be meeting nearly every day in the next two weeks to seal the deal. We need prayers for him and for Jayden’s family. They hardly ever come as a whole family, and we don’t need little Jayden to be alone in her conversion. We have high hopes that things are going to get better there. Ray and Jennifer are doing really good now! Like really good! They came to church!!! The ward mobbed them with love and attention. They really enjoyed it, and afterwards they had us over for dinner. We’ll be meeting again Wednesday. Thanks for all you do for me. I love you!!!! -Elder Kenny Call

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Baptism later this month. :)

We’re having lots of fun here in Newport! Things are moving along. Jayden is ondate to be baptized on the 28th of June. We’re having trouble scheduling an appointment with Bob. . There are definitely some obstacles to us finding major success here, but the Lord is helping us. We had a great training on better planning. I wish I knew that at the beginning of my mission! We’re working really well with our ward mission. More of the ward missionaries are mobilizing to contact more people at a time. They’re very excited to get this moving. There’s so much untapped potential here it’s ridiculous. I’ll keep you posted! Keep praying for us! Thanks for your emails! -Love Elder Call

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The work is so fun here — I never want to leave!

The work is just so fun here! I never want to leave! We’re teaching a nine year old named Jayden who wants to be baptized. We’re working to get her family more active and fellowshipped into the ward so that they can all be united. We met another great family we started teaching. The husband Ray is the only non-member and he’s considering changing that. We’ll be meeting again tonight -another less active family we need to get fellowshipped so they can get more active. Fellowshipping is so huge. If your not aware of that, usually the only people who really befriend newer people in wards seem to be the ones who come to their lessons, so don’t be afraid to help the missionaries! Those families need social conversion just as badly as spiritual conversion. You guys seem to be pretty on-top of things in Barton Creek Ward though! I’m not worried. Then there’s a man named Bob the pastor, who’s been attending our Ward regularly. He’s been begging people to tell him how to be baptized in our church. He’s a more “mature” individual so he’s been fighting having to meet with the young missionaries the whole way, but he’s finally submitting. We’ll be meeting with him some time this week. He bore his testimony in Sacrament Meeting that he believes that this is the true church. That sounds good to me, so we’ll see how this goes! The Ward is truly excited. We’ve got amazing opportunity awaiting. I’m praying I get to stay here for the long haul! It’s been a lot of work, but this train’s picking up steam quick. We’ve been visiting a lot of less active members inviting to come back, because the Ward needs their help right now. We’re getting people on-board! I’m so grateful to be here, yet so devastated that I’m running out of time. Here goes nothing! I need your prayers! Love you!!!!

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Gorgeous new area and very supportive members!

Hey Family! I hope everything is going well! This area is AMAZING! It’s absolutely gorgeous. The weather is mild, there’s a nice breeze, there’s water everywhere, and everything is covered with green. The ward is so supportive! They’ve been waiting on our hands and feet (is that how you say it?) We’ve had a meal from them almost every day. And the ward mission leader is literally willing to drop everything to be at our aid at any moment. The ward members are so kind to us. They’re very humble, sweet people. The work is going to take off here! Our planners are already booked with appointments. We’re having loads of fun, teaching at barbecues and navigating through scenic woodlands and meadows to find the lost! As far as current investigators go, we’re starting off from scratch, but we’ll pick some up here really soon! Please send more prayers! We’re looking for the elect! Thank you for all of your unyielding support. -Love, Elder Call!

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